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Two CUAS Faculty Members Appointed as PhD Supervisors at Kuzbass State Technical University in Russia

Source: CQWU

Recently, Prof. Luo Tianhong and Prof. Zhao Lijun were appointed as the supervisors of PhD students of Kuzbass State Technical University in Russia.

Prof. Luo Tianhong is the academic and technical leader of Chongqing Municipality, the leader of Chongqing Talent Plan - Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Bayu Scholar. He is mainly engaged in research on intelligent manufacturing process system integration, development of new functional components and complete machines for robots, design of key components and systems for mechanical equipment, etc. He has trained more than 50 master students and supervised 3 doctoral students and 12 master students.


    (Source: CQWU)

Prof. Zhao Lijun is the head of the municipal-level electromechanical maker space and one of the top ten "dual innovation" stars of Chongqing universities in 2021. He is mainly engaged in the research of intelligent agricultural equipment, agricultural robotics, agricultural Internet of Things, etc. He has jointly trained one doctoral student, two master's students and supervised two doctoral students.


    (Source: CQWU)

The School of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, as the university's first batch of master's authorized point (machinery) relying on the unit, and Chongqing University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing University of Technology and other universities have jointly trained 2 doctoral students and more than 50 master's students. With the growing team of doctoral and master's students supervisors, it is of great significance for our school to further independently carry out the training of mechanical master's students.

It is reported that Kuzbass State Technical University is one of the key universities in Russia and the first batch of key universities in Russia recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education, with strong faculty, first-class teaching level and teaching quality, and its teaching quality and graduate level have entered the top 20 universities in Russia, and has opened (run) 47 undergraduate majors, 28 master's majors, under 7 major categories of disciplines such as mechanical engineering and information technology. There are 9 first-level doctoral disciplines and 19 second-level doctoral disciplines.