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Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Students Won the First Prize of the 9th China University Student Innovation Method Competition

Source: CQWU

On November 6, the final of the 9th China University Student Innovation Method Competition of Bank of China-TRIZ Cup came to an end. This year's competition is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and organized by the (National) Innovation Methods Research Association and other organizations. The competition is divided into six categories of invention making, process improvement, innovation design, life creativity, entrepreneurship and teacher group promotion and application.


(Source: CQWU)

Since the official launch of the competition in July this year, a total of 165 colleges and universities across the country have registered for the competition, and a total of 1184 works have been successfully recommended to the competition organizing committee through the selection of school and provincial competitions. CUAS attached great importance to the competition and set up a special team of instructors and students to participate in the competition. 13 works were recommended to participate in the competition through various levels of selection. 8 works were shortlisted for the final of the national competition after the preliminary examination, and 2 of them entered the final. Prof. Tang Dayong's "TRIZ theory-based intelligent multi-functional baby crib" won the first prize in the innovation design category, and Prof. Zhao Lijun's "intelligent badminton ball picking robot" won the third prize in the teaching achievement of teachers' innovation method.


(Source: CQWU)

The theme of this competition is "Innovation and entrepreneurship, method first". The competition aims to attract and encourage college students to participate in science and technology innovation activities, popularize and promote TRIZ theory, promote education through the competition, stimulate college students' willingness to innovate and innovation vitality, guide college students to practice innovation spirit, master innovation theory, innovation thinking and innovation techniques, improve college students' innovation and entrepreneurial ability, and cultivate innovative composite talents for the country to adapt to the new situation and new requirements.